Why your IT Support contract should be all-inclusive

With an ever-increasing reliance on technology, most businesses with multiple PCs put in place IT support contracts in order to ensure their technology ...
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Benefits of Virtualisation for business

If you run a business with multiple servers, then server Virtualisation is a technology you can not afford to ignore.  In ...
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HP 15-ac152sa

Want performance? Don’t be fooled by marketing specifications

Before buying a PC or laptop we know it's important to take a look at the specification. Whilst the displayed marketing information ...
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The Cardinal Sin of Wireless Networking

As someone who travels frequently, I often find myself logging onto wireless networks provided by cafes, pubs and hotels.  It ...
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Data loss – it’ll never happen to me, right?  

There are many reasons as to how data loss can occur and when we look at the causes, we can see ...
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VOIP – Business office phone system

With continuing improvements to broadband infrastructure, more and more of our clients are making the move to VOIP phone systems ...
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